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Al-Faisal College places a high priority on striving to meet the individual educational and personal needs of our students.

The process outlined below allows us to design programs to meet the specific needs of all our students. It is important to note that children with exceptional gifts and talents have special needs also and are catered for through our differentiated teaching programs and our enrichment classes.


    1. Student Assessment


Selected tests are given to all students to help identify those with learning needs. These tests also serve as one of the long term checks of a student's progress over their school years. In addition, they help us to gain a picture of the overall levels of performance of students within the school.


    2. Assistance to students with learning needs


Individual diagnostic testing is carried out for students who may need extra assistance. This, along with teachers' own informal testing and professional judgment, enables us to set realistic goals and plan effective special programs of work. These programs generally involve intensive teaching of basic reading, writing and/or mathematical skills. Intensive teaching means that more time is spent on direct instruction, demonstration, practice, positive feedback and revision.

Children may remain in class working with the Learning Support teacher or they may be withdrawn individually or in small groups.


Alternatively, our Learning Support staff may assist the class teacher by providing a modified program, materials and suggestions.



































Specific programs have also been established to assist children. More information can be requested on these below.


Bridges (numeracy support)


Minilit/Multilit (phonics support)

Corrective Reading (vocabulary and comprehension development)

Phonemic Awareness (infant grades only)

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