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Enrolment Process


Kindergarten and Year 7 In-take


For Kindergarten, children who turn 5 years old by the 30th June may seek enrolment at the beginning of the current school year.


The school begins to organise Kindergarten enrolments and High school enrolments about halfway through the year. During Term 3, all students who applied for Kindergarten are interviewed by a selection of staff and Coordinators, and High school applicants sit for an entrance test. These selection criteria are used, as the number of applications exceeds the number of places available. Attendance to the school by a sibling does not guarantee enrolment.


Parents will be advised by letter regarding the date and organisation of the Orientation Day.


Years 1 to 12


Generally we may have a small number of places available in each year level. Please contact the College to confirm availability.


Our Enrolments Team would be pleased to answer any Application and Enrolment questions you may have by simply contacting the administration office.


How to Apply to Enrol


Parents who wish to enroll their children must first complete the Expression of Interest form, for primary school and/or for high school, and ensure they have read the Terms and Conditions.  The following documentation will need to be supplied:

−      Original documentation is required, such as:  children’s birth certificate and passport or evidence of Australian Citizenship.

−      Parents must bring a copy of the child’s most recent school report.

−      A copy of the Naplan reports (if applicable)

−      A copy of an Immunisation History Statement (all primary students)

−      Guardianship and Custody Order (if applicable)


If a child has any special needs or social or health problems which may require the school to make adjustments, full details, including any medical reports, must be provided.


Parents must also agree that if they are offered a place they will accept the Terms and Conditions of Enrolment of the School.



The "Expression of Interest" form does not guarantee a place in the school.


Enrolling During the School Year


Subject to availability and following an entrance exam, Al-Faisal College may offer places to students wishing to enrol in Years K-12 after commencement of any given school year. Elective choices for high school students will be discussed and clarified prior to confirmation of enrolment.


Withdrawal of a Student


It is a condition of enrolment that one full term’s notice of withdrawal of a student is given in writing to the Principal. School Fees are non-refundable if parents wish to withdraw their children from school.


If a student who is withdrawing has siblings at the School, the School in its absolute discretion will require the withdrawal of the other siblings.


School Fees Schedule


School tuition fees for term 1 need to be paid in Term 4 before the commencement of the following school year. Subsequent term fees must be paid before the end of the previous school term. School Fees are non-refundable if parents wish to withdraw their children from school.


The school principal will grant an extension of time for payment only if there are exceptional circumstances outside of the parents' control. The College reserves the right to withhold school reports if the fees remain unpaid at the end of the term. Also, a student shall not be allowed to commence a new term at the College if the school fees for the term have not been paid.


Continued Enrolment


It is assumed that students at Al-Faisal College will progress from year to year throughout the School, however progression is not automatic nor is continuous enrolment guaranteed by the offer of a place.


Pre-requisites for continued enrolment of a student includes satisfactory:

− Payment of school fees by the due date.

− Behaviour, appearance, uniform, attendance and use of college facilities and resources.

− Academic performance (class work, homework and assessment) in all Key Learning Areas.

− Additional Terms & Conditions



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