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Al-Faisal College is committed to providing a supportive and stimulating learning environment that allows each student to reach their potential. Students engage in learning that promotes investigation, questioning, higher order thinking and problem-solving. The students' thinking are made visible in the classrooms, which allows them to reflect and deepen their cognition.




























Curriculum in the Primary College aims to develop students' knowledge, processes, skills and attitudes in order for them to be active learners and life participants. We facilitate learning experiences in order that each child is fostered cognitively, spiritually, physically, socially and emotionally.




























The presentation of the curriculum in our classrooms occurs through the explicit teaching of the curriculum subjects, where students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. Students are also given projects that are focussed on students learning goals, including standards-based content, critical thinking, collaboration and self-management.




























The curriculum Learning Areas include:


• English

• Mathematics

• Science and Technology

• History and Human Society and its Environment

• Technology

• Health and Physical Education

• Creative Arts (including Music and Art)


Students also undertake Arabic and Islamic Studies based.


Specific time is allocated to the teaching of literacy and numeracy on a daily basis, with a cohesive program of spelling and reading across all year levels. These programs allow for the grouping of students to learn at the pace that is best suited to them. Within each year level students merge into literacy groups where they are given the opportunity to either spend additional time consolidating skills or moving ahead at a quicker pace. A comprehensive array of resources, including hands on maths materials, ample reading books to cater for developing needs and digital materials, support children's learning.


We offer Mini Lit and Multi Lit programs to students who require additional support in Literacy and develop specific programs for students who require additional support in Mathematics.


Islamic Studies is a Key Learning Area at Al-Faisal, with allocated time provided in the weekly program. In Islamic Studies students learn about the Islamic faith and study the Holy Quran. Lessons aim to lead students to explore their beliefs, pose questions and understand what the teachings of the Quran imply for the daily lives of Muslims.


Al-Faisal’s Curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation for every student.


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