Al-Faisal College’s Science Program is designed to:


• Foster a fascination with the natural world and with the application of scientific understanding to solve problems

• Nurture an appreciation of the value of science in solving problems and so making the world a better place

• Build an appreciation of the ethical issues that inevitably accompany the application of science to real world problems

• Develop students’ knowledge, skills and ability to think critically and solve problems and so to provide a basis for further education and/or participate effectively as a member of society


In our teaching, we seek to show students the relevance of what they learn to everyday life and the world around them. As students learn about their world they are also taught a whole range of skills which relate to the processes of science. These skills can help them to become independent thinkers and also enable them to become valuable team players and enable them to work safely in the laboratory environment.


Assessment in science involves a variety of tasks and is not confined to measuring achievement but is an important part of the learning process as students work towards achieving tasks and take on board the feedback provided by their teachers. We place an emphasis on safety by educating students about risks and the necessary precautions that need to be taken. Teachers are also careful to ensure unsafe activities do not take place.


Science in Stage 4 and 5


In each stage, students will learn through topics covering each of the main branches of science including Earth and Space, and the Physical, Living and Chemical World. Each topic explores science concepts through a variety of teaching and learning strategies incorporating practical experiences as well as theory .











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