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The Arabic language is considered to be a vital link between developing students’ awareness and understanding of their cultural heritage.


At Al-Faisal College the Language other Than English (LOTE) taught is Arabic, as it is the language of the Holy Quran.


Arabic is taught:


  • -  At beginners’ level from Kindergarten to year 6 with integration with HSIE (history and geography) and other key learning areas.
  • -  Students in years 7 and 8 study 200 mandatory hours of Arabic at different levels.
  • -  Arabic may also be studied as an elective course in years 9 and 10 within an indicative time of 200 hours.
  • -  Arabic Continuers is an elective course in years 11 and 12 for the Higher School Certificate.






Our academic Arabic programs at Al-Faisal College for Years 7 to 12 are based on the curriculum mandated by NESA. We provide a differentiated curriculum with the aim of meeting the needs of all students with innovative and flexible programs that allow students to achieve their full potential. Our programs integrate the essential content in a variety of units of work. Communication is the goal of using language, so we focus on a communicative approach in our classes.


Our rich programs at Al-Faisal College aim to:


  • -  develop students’ awareness, understanding and acceptance of difference and diversity in their personal lives, and within the local and global community.
  • -  teach students about the different viewpoints, customs and traditions in Arabic-speaking communities, as well as characteristics that are common to all people.
  • -  foster the ideals of respect for others and of appreciation and acceptance of diverse points of view, beliefs, attitudes and values.
  • -  develop an understanding and appreciation of issues such as age, race, ethnicity, gender and disability.
  • -  develop students’ listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.









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